Cork Rising - CorkDev MeetUp November 2018

RemoteHVAC Gets Invovled

This week, RemoteHVAC dressed all fancy and attended our first CorkDev MeetUp. As a startup in Cork city, we want to become more involved with the local tech community and were lucky enough to be invited to contribute to a ‘Cork Rising’ panel with Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy of ApisProtect to talk about the technical challenges of IoT, our product offering and the challenge of hiring.


CorkDev is a MeetUp group, going since 2014 that aims to bring together developers every month in Dublin - I mean Cork. At the Kickoff of 2018/2019 season, CorkDev was treated to a talk from Tom Meaney of Over-C on the topic of Kotlin for Android Application Development. Thanks Tom!

In the second portion of the event, the spotlight was turned on RemoteHVAC and ApisProtect. Hosted by James Sugrue, the panel was an opportunity to showcase us and our fellow Cork IoT startup, and a chance to talk frankly about the difficulty of hiring Software Developers in Cork. Finding them, being the hardest. Our CTO, Brían Caul spoke on the RemoteHVAC approach to IoT and how we are opening up available data and sensors within buildings to be used for smarter analytics and increased visibility. Brían had some really interesting questions from the crowd around the challenges and approach to harvesting this data with off the shelf products.

RemoteHVAC IoT In The Home Series

We are hoping that the engagement at the event is an indicator of interest in starting a community-driven series! A series on IoT in the home, where we plan on hosting monthly sessions in a tutorial based or hands-on style. Giving people the tools and knowledge they need to implement IoT in their own home.

Didn’t make the event? You can watch it back, thanks to CorkDev here:

Interested in contributing or attending the Series in Cork in 2019? Contact us here: Contact Page

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