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RemoteHVAC is an innovative software and services company, creating diagnostic cloud intelligence to address a valuable platform product in the multi-billion dollar global Building IoT market. Our team has unique and deep experience in the areas of HVAC, energy, and scalable analytic software. Join our exceptional team of people, operating out of the exciting and growing city of Cork, who are developing some amazing software that will help drive a global change in HVAC users and facility managers. You would be part of a supportive core team in a dynamic and exciting culture.

  • The best product: Our product is ready to launch, and we’re really happy with what we have built but the RemoteHVAC team aims to constantly innovate. We are always improving our product, creating thoughtful solutions and pushing our team to learn new skills. We will constantly strive for excellance and want to add new features, expanding our product to make it even better.
  • The best team: RemoteHVAC is a proud equal opportunity employer, creating a supportive workplace to allow our employees to thrive.
  • The best location: We are a Cork city based company. Our office, located in the newly growing Cork "Docklands", is casual- we have created a flexible workplace, where we promote communication to bring the teams diverse backgrounds and skill sets together to make something great.
  • The best gadgets/setup: We provide you with all of the best equipment to help you work to your full potential/capacity: We’ll supply you with a Macbook Pro, Carrier Bag, Raspberry Pi and noise cancelling Headphones.
  • The best opportunity: We are looking for individuals to join us and help grow RemoteHVAC. While we are a relatively new company, the potential growth, new opportunities and a working environment will challenge you and showcase your skills as we expand. You can be part of the drive to grow RemoteHVAC alongside its founders in order to be a company we are proud of.
  • The best community: We value giving back to the local Cork community, and care about it just as much as we value the work we are doing. We are open to the opportunity to plan and host events, from Hackathons to Charity days or just rolling up your sleeves to help out.

Want to chat? Drop us an email to hear more about the RemoteHVAC team.

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